Go Cashless. Go Big

Everything you need to create your incredible cashless event, all in one place

Just some of the reasons more people are turning to RFID for access control

Secure – Our RFID tags are impossible to duplicate

Good for attendees – Faster entry and more time to enjoy the event
Lighting-fast – Dramatically reduce queues with instant scanning
Smart – Control crowd flow direct from your smartphone
Reduce ticket fraud – The Koid system automatically detects and blocks duplicate ticket attempts.


Koid heightens your attendees experience while giving you complete control over all event transactions and data.
Take control of your events cashflow with accurate cashflow reporting across all vendors. Save on infrastructure costs and reduce your cash counting and collecting liabilities.


Secure and Frictionless RFID Ticketing & Access Control
Say goodbye to endless queues, ticket fraud and chaos at the gates. The Koid RFID system gives you full control of admissions, streamlined entries and real-time capacity data. Built for festival, exhibitions, fairs, water & amusement parks and music concerts.


Take engagement to the next level with Experiential
Connect your attendees’ RFID wristbands to their social media profiles to build stronger relationships between fans, sponsors and brands with hands-free social activations.

More event organisers are turning to cashless events, here’s why…

  1. Increase on-site revenue.
    Multiple layers of redundancy and security make Koid the most durable and robust cashless solution around
  2. Reduce infrastructure costs.
    Replace your traditional till and network infrastructure with self-contained, mobile RFID devices
  3. Run 100% Offline — No online connectivity required.
    Koid runs seamlessly offline with wireless mesh networking technology

We’ve developed dozens of novel ways for you to accept payments, increase engagement and reduce expenses.

  1. Pre-purchase credit from the very beginning Allow attendees to pre-purchase credits when purchasing tickets to your event, creating a seamless customer experience and providing upfront cashflow
  2. Create customised event currencies Enhance your event branding with a customised currency
  3. Significantly Reduce Queuing Times Dont let infrastructure get in the way of your guest experience

Replace paper tickets with interactive RFID wristbands or cards that allow multi-level access control 

  1. It’s secure Multiple layers of redundancy and security make Token the most durable and robust cashless solution around
  2. Faster ingress of attendees Queues and congestion are greatly reduced with Token’s advanced RFID wristbands or access cards
  3. Supports complicated access control requirements Flexible solutions to complex set ups, and seamless integration with your ticketing software

Make a long lasting impression

  1. Find new ways to connect
    Power experiential activations to increase customer loyalty
  2. Amplify the experience Make it easy and fun for fans to share pictures on Facebook & Twitter
  3. Competitions Instant giveaways, leaderboards, polls, custom competitions and more
  4. Engage with attendees post event Offer exclusive promotional offers, downloadable content and more

Reap the benefits of Social

Strengthen ties between your attendees, brands and the event by enhancing the on-site experience and providing sponsors with creative ways to increase their reach

  1. Grow relationships with fans Build meaningful connections with attendees through social media
  2. Connect attendees with brands they love Do more for your attendees by taking their on-site experience one step further
  3. Get rich data insights Combine social and event data for deeper analytics
  4. Supercharge sponsorship ROI Give your sponsors amazing value-for-money