Who we are

Koid is defined as a word to base on your own preference. 

A word used to indicate your opinion, your view, and your interpretation of something (the topic you talk about). 

At Koid that’s what we do, we do you, in your way.  

Our team has international experience in implementing enterprise systems focusing always on the guest experience. We ensure to increase your event attendance through the development of a unique branded guest experience. We drive to encompass the complete essentials before, during and after a guest visit. We aim to create a buzz that will entice, capture and intrigue visitors to attend your event continually. To provide a world-class, seamless and innovative purchasing experience. To increasingly tune into the combined big data analytics, expose hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, and analyse visitor preferences.

We offer online web based smart ticketing, cashless technology solutions, RFID access control, wrist band access and security solutions for events, festivals and social gatherings.

Koid, for you!